How to download files from our server

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For Windows OS users! Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher required to open PDF files


To get your manual fast - please pay with your Credit Card on Stripe or PayPal (as opposed to PayPal eCheck) and after submitting your PayPal payment return to our site.
Re-load any page on our website (to clear cached content) and download link will be at the top of the page.
Please use "Right-Click" on download link and choose "Save As.." or similar option to get your file.

Purchased Manual available for download 7 days only after payment date!

If you plan downloading your manual at later time - please place your order according to your schedule!

Order process

How order process work

Before ordering:

Before placing your order please make sure:
- email address you will use with Payment or on PayPal is correct and current - we will NOT be able to change your email address for you.
- download links will be sent to your email address from: and

- if you pay by PayPal eCheck - manual will become available AFTER your payment is cleared in about 3-5 days!

After ordering:

INTERNET EXPLORER is NOT a Web Browser (it's a hacked File Manager to read HTML pages) and it does NOT follow Internet Standards (AKA Laws). Use real browser to download your files as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.!
There must be a reason if it is illegal to use IE in many companies like CISCO etc.

If you did not receive a download link within 15 minutes after payment cleared - please let us know using Contact Form

Download link for your file will be sent to the email address you have provided on PayPal pages or payment.
Download link will be emailed to your email address AFTER your payment is CLEARED! - meaning if you paid with PayPal eCheck - it may take 3-5 business days to clear.

Please READ email letter sent to you!
    - AND AGAIN: Read the letter Completely!

We will NOT be able to re-route our email notes to you to another email address!

Use download link to access purchased file on our server.


In case of a Hard Drive crash - you will have a reserve copy of your manual!

Downloading files to your Mobile device - Android, iPhone, iPad etc.

We have many requests on re-download because people can not transfer manual files from their mobile devices to their main computers.
Please download your manual file directly to your home/office computer and distribute it later-on to any of your devices.
      - If you do not know how to transfer files from your mobile device - download it to your computer first!

Accessing Download VIA Wireless Internet connection

Some wireless networks (including, but no limiting to Verizon and AT&T) are not capable of sustaining constant connection during download on big files. If you can not download your manual using wireless connection - please try using "wired" Internet instead.

What to do if download link to your file has expired?

Please visit the same download link and enter your email address in appropriate field and click on "Loook-up my order" -- your file will be re-uploaded for you.
Please give it about 5 minutes and try download link again.

My download was blocked and I can not get my Manual. What do I do?

In rare cases when we email your download link ISP or Email processing server spam robot checks/follows every link included in email effectively blocking download link for you.
Please contact us ASAP and we will make sure download link will work for you.

What to do if downloaded file would not open in Adobe Acrobat?

File was not successfully downloaded and needs to be downloaded again - please use your download link again and re-download your file.
Your file can be downloaded during 7 days after the purchase date.

What to do if downloaded file is damaged?

File is not damaged, it was NOT successfully downloaded and needs to be downloaded again - please use your download link again and re-download your file.
If download has expired - please read above.
Your file can be downloaded during 7 days after the purchase date.

What do I do if I have never received my download link?

Make sure you're accessing email address you have entered on payment form or PayPal payment page and/or your primary PayPal email address!
Please check your SPAM filters and make sure email letters from us cleared for delivery.

According to your instructions I need to "Right Click" on a link - my Mac has only one button. What do I do?

Yes, your Mac has a "Right Click" - hold your "Control" key and click on the link.

I am asked to enter Password in order to save file to my hard drive. What is it?

You did not download your manual in the first place, manual was opened in your browser and can not be saved to your hard drive.
"Right Click" on download link and choose "Save As" (or similar) to save manual on your computer.